Zero Hour Pdf (HIVE Series Book 6)

Zero Hour Hive Pdf
Zero Hour Hive Pdf

Zero Hour Pdf

Zero Hour Hive Pdf
Zero Hour Hive Pdf

About the book:

Zero Hour book

Author:                       Eoin Colfer

Publisher:                    Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition

Publish date:               March 19, 2013

ISBN-10:                      1442413735

ISBN-13:                      9781442413733

Pages:                          304 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Young Adult



Once again Otto and the novices at H.I.V.E (the Higher Institute of Villainous Education) are once again being brought into danger.

The psychotic A.I “Overlord” formerly thought to have been destroyed by Otto and his friends has returned and take over the control of a progressive U.S military Research and development base, Just as they are representing to several allied brass there new arms system. Overlord gain control of this system and the people at the helm with a new enigmatic pressure of Animus.

His demands are simple. The Americans must find and give up six people. Overlord has asked for the associates of the Ruling council. Meanwhile Otto and his friends have reveled in the amity and quiet, or at least the somewhat less perilous environment at their school for desperados. Equated to the last few years it’s been without incident. Then when all this is exposed they don’t know who to trust, and that knowledge takes along the seizure of H.I.V.E, only Otto, Nero and a few others escape. The Traitor is Raven! Overlord has shoot her up with animus making her fully under his control. There is only 1 way to stop this, they must trigger Zero Hour. An operation thought of by Nero and Diablos Darkdoom for just this sort of occasion. The one shot, last gulley way to stop Overlord from destroying the world. A top-secret army, so secret that not even the members know about it until the signal is received. They must attack a greatly fortified military base in a narrow valley, full of captives, innovative weaponry and very well trained legionnaires. For anyone else it would be madness but for these people it is merely challenging.

For they are Dr. Nero’s best of the Best, The very Finest Alphas in the world. As this fight is going on. Otto must snitch inside and try to stop Overlord. But his plan work more than they could have imagined. He has used American technology to create a living self-imitating swarm of mantis that will cleanse the earth of life in a matter of days. There is only one chance. The President of America must give up control of Thor’s hammer to a kid who has saved him in the past but background is unidentified. Can Otto and his friends succeed? Or will Overlord ultimately destroyed Humankind? Read this book to find out.

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