Wuthering Heights Pdf

Wuthering Heights Pdf
Wuthering Heights Pdf

Wuthering Heights Pdf

Wuthering Heights Pdf
Wuthering Heights Pdf

About the book:

Wuthering Heights book

Author:                        Emily Bronte

Publisher:                    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish date:               18 April 2013

ISBN-10:                      1484160630

ISBN-13:                      9781484160633

Pages:                          202 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Gothic fiction


How can we not have the heart hugged by emotion, thinking of the tragic fate of Emily Bronte? His talent was as big as his life was short. When tuberculosis won by a sad day of winter 1848 she was barely thirty, but meteoric will stay on Earth enough for him to leave us one of the immortal masterpieces of Literature … Ah, I hardly dare dream of all other sublime novels she was probably in her and she will not have time to write down … But you say , what did it so special, this story of love and revenge in the moors of Yorkshire? Well, it’s a little mystery of the great works: we do not know what to give them exactly magic, but it just does one poses the look that it is self-evident. A singular charm hangs over this book. From the first words, a charm is created, that nothing will break. Is the strength of its story that captivates us? The violence of his characters? The fury of their passions? Or just the splendor of this writing both so natural and that worked through poetic flashes of incredible purity? Go figure … What happiness, anyway, than be carried away by the turbulent flow of this sumptuously romantic plot, not a soppy romance and bland, but rather feverish, tormented, twilight, Beethoven’s! Dear Emily was, it seems, a deleted character … well, we must believe that appearances were deceiving and that under its peaceful outside, she hid a excited nature at the extreme which these unforgettable pages carry the best testimonials.

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