WordPress Bible Pdf

WordPress Bible Pdf
WordPress Bible Pdf

WordPress Bible Pdf

WordPress Bible Pdf
WordPress Bible Pdf

About the Book:

WordPress Bible Book

Author:                        Aaron Brazell

Publisher:                    Wiley; 1 edition

Publish date:               February 8, 2010

ISBN-10:                      0470568135

ISBN-13:                      9780470568132

Pages:                         672 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Computer Science, Programming


If you are just setting off with WordPress, then the best book for that is Wilson’s “WordPress For Dummies” (WPD). WPD will take you astoundingly far into the setting up, usage, maintenance and extension of WordPress. It is now in its 2nd edition with a 3rd expected soon. For most folks, WPD will be adequate. But if your requirements are more challenging, then Aaron Brazell’s “WordPress Bible” is a good abode to reside. Brazell gets far deeper under the WordPress cowl than Wilson. – And this book is not for novices.
Aaron Brazell has surpassed himself with this inclusive work of WordPress awesomeness. I already consider myself proficient at hacking around in WordPress but truly wanted to strengthen my proficiency with some real developer expertise, making plug-ins and other features. The 1st thing I did was to open Chapter five “Extending WordPress with Plugins” and start reading. Guys, it’s simple to grasp, even if you’re not a coder and simultaneously will satisfy the most dedicated programmer with guidelines on how WordPress’ inner set of pegs and code collaborate.
The content is assorted, with a lot of prominence on building plugins. Setting up WordPress is covered, but not in the similar fashion you’ll discover in WPD. Some chapters are mind-boggling: why are 9 pages ardent to the WordPress support system (“Codex”) and other support sets? Chapters like “Extending WordPress with Plugins”, “Widgetizing WordPress”, “Understanding the WordPress Database Class” and the daffy “Dissecting the Loop and WordPress Query” give you what you need to know to build and manage plugins. Another chapter brings up using WordPress as a Content Management System, which I found useful, and wish was 3 times longer. Phenomenal reference for WordPress web developers on all levels. Subjects covered consist of simple operational guidelines and details to the custom loops, queries and custom plugins. Overall, “WordPress Bible” is a worthwhile addition to any thoughtful WordPress archive. My only censure of the book is about Wiley, the editor: they have a taken on a design that seems as if the type is published in gray, which I find very challenging to read for more than a few minutes at a time. Anyhow this book is a comprehensive reference of actions, pegs and template tags in the add-ons. Outstanding book for when you want a prompt solution instead of searching through the Codex. Highly Recommended.

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