Wintersmith Pdf

Wintersmith Pdf
Wintersmith Pdf

Wintersmith Pdf

Wintersmith Pdf
Wintersmith Pdf

About the book:

Wintersmith book

Author:                        Terry Pratchett

Publisher:                    Corgi Childrens

Publish date:               27 Sept. 2007

ISBN-10:                      0552553697

ISBN-13:                      9780552553698

Pages:                          384 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction and Fantasy


This is the third novel of the witch Tiffany cycle, after “The Wee Free Men” and “A Hat Full Of Sky”. I love the novels of world-disk and even those “youth” (ie the aforementioned novels must be added the best of them in my opinion: “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” ).

Wintersmith continues to tell the “career” of Tiphany, telling his story and that of his entourage, a strong and colorful cast of characters “Granny Weatherwax” “Miss Treason”, “Nanny Ogg” and other witches particular, as well as small picaresque and turbulent characters with flowery language (ahem) that are the Nac Mac Feegles, like small Picts tattooed a few inches tall, members of the little people) who are not afraid of anything and do not have cold feet .

Wintersmith is a little light at the history, the argument is thin: Typhany can not help but take part in a dance during a seasonal rite of passage. She enters the dance to the surprise of all. The elemental are attracted seasons and / or want him, it disturbs a timeless story whose characters are elemental gods, and history is changed. Winter does not want to leave the country, the elemental god of winter (Wintersmith) is interested in her. On the other hand, the story changed reacts back by changing one that has changed, ie Tiffany, to make it an integral part of the history of the seasons. The form it takes is not very pleasant for Typhany, to die at a solution.

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