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Wild Pdf

About the book:

Wild book

Author:                      Cheryl Strayed

Publisher:                   Vintage Books; 1st edition

Publish date:               March 26, 2013

ISBN-10:                      0307476073

ISBN-13:                     9780307476074

Pages:                          315 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Travel Books


Wild has several similarities with Into the wild, but in his resurrection he tells a different story with a happy ending. This is what would have happened if Christopher McCandless, party confront wild Alaska could back across the flooded river that held him prisoner. However this is not the attractiveness of the Nordic lands fascinates Cheryl Strayed, but the Pacific Crest Trail, a kind of GR 20, which runs along the crest of the southern Rocky Mountains to the north of the USA. She travels 1800 km!

Wild is also three interwoven stories: Bridget Jones hiked, a kind of open psychoanalysis and of course the path of the story. Although the latter is reduced especially that you’ve met on the road. Because what particularly interested the author, given its existential quest, it is the human relations.

Bridget Jones hiked because this slow resurrection begins with a character who hesitates, destroyed his life and began an unlikely project, with little preparation. To illustrate this, it is sufficient to note that on the one hand, it causes her divorce from the man she loves, and the other, she embarked on the great hiking autonomously, never have done before. This gives rise to some tragicomic episodes. Fortunately for her, Cheryl Strayed, a name she chose after her divorce, is persevering, resistant itself, but also has some luck.
Bridget Jones too, because the story is suspected of being slightly scripted for the needs of the case, as we learn to do so in the drafting groups which it participated. For example, it hides from us it was in college a specialist in cross-country (“she Was a track and cross country runner” wikipedia). Moreover, the construction of the book is typical of modern literature of the genre: the first chapter introduces a dramatic scene with outstanding and long flashback. Thereafter, the sections on the route alternate with those of introspection. That is, it is not a crude testimony, but a fictionalized account about fifteen years later, by a writer / journalist already confirmed.

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