White Lies Pdf

White Lies Pdf
White Lies Pdf

White Lies Pdf

White Lies Pdf
White Lies Pdf

About the book:

White Lies book

Author: Stephen Leather

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks

Publish date: (12 Feb. 2015)

ISBN-10: 1444736612

ISBN-13: 978-1444736618

Pages: 400 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Political, Spy Stories


‘It’s the ultimate earner, mate, better than drugs, better than guns, better than anything.’ The speaker was a

dark-haired man in a black pea-coat. Alistair Coatsworth, Ally to his friends. He was forty-nine years old

but looked a decade older. ‘People pay thousands to get into the UK. Thousands.’ His nose and cheeks

were flecked with broken blood vessels, the result of years at sea and a taste for strong liquor.

There were three men sitting at the table listening intently as they finished off their plates of steak and

chips. They were on their second bottle of red wine and a third had already been opened. They were in a

small restaurant in a coastal village between Calais and Dunkirk, close to the border with Belgium. They

had a table by a roaring fire that had shadows flickering over the roughly plastered walls.

Coatsworth waved his knife in the air for emphasis. ‘It’s the Wild West over here, mate. You can make

money hand over fist if you know what you doing. I’ve got a pal who smuggles them on to trucks for a

grand a go. He pays the driver two hundred of that and keeps eight hundred for himself. Gets maybe five

on a truck. He makes four grand and the driver gets one. They almost never get caught but, if they do, the

driver just says they snuck on and he knows nothing.’

‘Sounds good,’ said the man sitting opposite him. His name was Andy Bell. He was a few years

younger than Coatsworth, his face burned from exposure to the sun. He was wearing a heavy green polo-
necked jumper, combat trousers and Timberland boots.

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