What I Thought Was True Pdf

What I Thought Was True Pdf
What I Thought Was True Pdf

What I Thought Was True Pdf

What I Thought Was True Pdf
What I Thought Was True Pdf

About the Book:

What I Thought Was True Book

Author:                        Huntley Fitzpatrick

Publisher:                    Dial

Publish date:               April 15, 2014

ISBN-10:                      0803739095

ISBN-13:                      9780803739093

Pages:                          416

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction, Romance


What I Thought Was True is beautiful, just beautiful? It’s like a warm, fluffy blanket I want to wrap myself up in and snuggle with all day. If sturdily written, adorable modern romances featuring high-spirited female leads are your thing, you should probably drop everything and go get your hands on a copy. The characters are superbly relate-able, the scene-setting is elusive but universal and the plot is grounded and real. It’s a champion all around and I wish it had hands so I could give it the high five it so richly deserves.
Gwen is fantastic, she’s smart and holds her own while still being realistic and imperfect in ways I mostly sympathize with. She flips back and forth between casual and awkward in a repetitive and deeply familiar cycle. Sometimes she’s totally out of her element, sometimes she succeeds to get in a well-targeted zinger. She’s an average girl in the broadest sense of the word. She worries about the future, her family, and her friends. She wishes the people she loves to be happy and also do what’s right for her, even if she doesn’t know exactly what that is yet. She isn’t perfect, she has an inclination to leap to conclusions and obstinately plant her feet and stay there, but overall I would be her friend in a heartbeat.

Huntley Fitzpatrick is amazing when it comes to immersing you in her stories, they are promptly real and exciting in a way few authors pull off. From the 1st chapter I had a clear picture of Gwen in my head and by page 63 I wanted to prod my way into her tight-knit best friend trio and was full-on in lust with Cass, her smooth and appealing on the outside, springy and marshmallowy on the inside boy-of-significance

My one more favorite thing was the ship. Not only is Cass endearing and sweet and generally all around wonderful, but their relationship dynamic is on point, which is not to say perfect. I love that Fitzpatrick takes the time to show that liking someone and figuring out a relationship can be hard on both parties. I also love that there’s an indirect, splendid twist on traditional, gender-based relationship dynamics. When it comes to the physical things, Gwen is the one making the first move and holding the situation whereas Cass inclines to be the one opening up on the emotional side. It’s so easily done and true to character that I didn’t even consider the meaning of what was happening until thinking about it later.

Well done, Huntley Fitzpatrick, well done. I flat out adored What I Thought Was True, there is no way I’m doing this book justice, but trust me, it’s astonishing and you want to read it.

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