Uglies Pdf

Uglies Pdf
Uglies Pdf

Uglies Pdf

Uglies Pdf
Uglies Pdf

About the book:

Uglies book

Author:                        Scott Westerfeld

Publisher:                    Simon & Schuster Childrens Books

Publish date:               29 Mar. 2012

ISBN-10:                      0857079131

ISBN-13:                      9780857079138

Pages:                          448 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction and Fantasy


Almost 16 years! Tally can no longer wait for the operation to make it beautiful (Pretty) and allow him to join his friend Peris and other young people his age in New Pretty Town, city festivals and endless pleasures. But as the days pass, she meets another Ugly (ugly) that as she has to undergo the operation in the coming weeks. Curiously, this Shay does not seem as anxious to know her perfect beauty, and tired quickly of the game is to imagine the appearance they will have in a few weeks. She would much rather getaways in the nearby forests and especially in the ruins of a nearby ancient city, in which it claims to meet a boy who has never lived in the security of cities, a boy who comes from a strange community called Smoke, a boy who claims that achieving the perfect beauty is not the best fate that can befall a human being … Tally is not at all convinced by the stories of her friend, but with passing days, now the tide racing suddenly and Tally finds himself trapped in a vicious circle, with no other choice but to join in turn Smoke in the footsteps of Shay. ..
Following the trilogy devours even faster than the first, because the desire to know the fate of Tally is greater now that we’ve had time to attach ourselves to it …

Really, I am jealous of today’s teenagers who are offered rich and diverse readings, there a few years this vast choice did not exist!

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