Trusting the SEAL Pdf

Trusting the SEAL Pdf
Trusting the SEAL Pdf

Trusting the SEAL Pdf

Trusting the SEAL Pdf
Trusting the SEAL Pdf

About the book:

Trusting the SEAL Book

Author: Leslie North

Series: Saving the SEALs Series

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish date: (October 24, 2016)

ISBN-10: 1537228080

ISBN-13: 978-1537228082

Pages: 202 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Romance novel


Spencer Nixon has spent his whole life pursuing justice, starting with becoming a Navy SEAL in the aftermath of 9/11. When a member of his team is killed by a mysterious sniper, he has to clear his name and the names of his comrades. He’s used to handling things himself, but when a threat emerges that he can’t contain alone, he’ll need all the help he can get. The last thing beautiful PR woman Toni Williams wants is to be under his protection; she’s determined to be her own person. But her billionaire father’s ties to vital intelligence mean it’s a necessity. Spencer doesn’t trust her or her father, Coran Williams, but when Toni saves his life, he suddenly has no choice—and when they’re alone together in a secluded forest grove, it’s hard to care about her motives. As things heat up between them, Spencer tries to keep Toni at arm’s length for the sake of his mission. But when his investigation reveals her father’s ties to the dangerous organization connected to his friend’s murder, he can’t be sure where her loyalties lie. Now, he’ll have to decide how far he’s willing to go to bring Coran to justice.

Trusting the SEAL Pdf

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