This Girl Pdf Colleen Hoover

This Girl Pdf
This Girl Pdf

This Girl Pdf

This Girl Pdf
This Girl Pdf

About the book:

This Girl book

Author: Colleen Hoover

Series: Slammed (Book 3)

Publisher: Atria Books; Original edition

Publish date: (August 13, 2013)

ISBN-10: 1476746532

ISBN-13: 978-1476746531

Pages: 304 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Family Life, Contemporary


I had intended to wait for the French release of this book, knowing that we do not have a date yet, but by reading the excerpts that my girlfriend Evelyne sent me during her reading in VO, I could not refrain from waiting.

This Girl is quite different from the two previous ones. Here, of course, we always follow Will and Lake, but we are back in their history. Only this time is from Will’s point of view. A little treat then to follow this character who I think we all loved to discover through the eyes of Lake.

When I started reading, I obviously found the style of Colleen Hoover that I love so much. His characters from Lake and Will had made a huge impact on me. A big blow of heart for the first and a quasi blow of heart for the second one. The bar was therefore very high.

I enjoyed reading, but I felt like I was missing something. I had this apprehension of not finding him as beautiful, as strong and moving as the preceding ones. So, I could not put myself completely in the story. And then, towards half of the novel, I got the click. I found everything I loved. I turned the pages without realizing it. And by the end, I had my two moments that I was waiting for all my reading. The moments so strong in emotions that the tears came to me alone. The little detail that makes the stories of Colleen Hoover so appealing to me. The thing that makes me put myself in the place of the characters and that the emotions overwhelm me …

So I just finished reading with stars full of eyes (ahah, you’ve seen the play of word! Star!) With the confirmation that this series is perfect to the end. And what a beautiful epilogue! Basically you will have understood, it is an excellent reading, once again not far from the blow of heart!

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