The Unfolding of Language Pdf

The Unfolding of Language Pdf

The Unfolding of Language Pdf

The Unfolding of Language Pdf

About the book:

The Unfolding of Language eBook

Author: Guy Deutscher

Publisher: Picador; First edition

Publish date: August 30, 2011

ISBN-10: 0312610491

ISBN-13: 978-0312610491

Pages: 320 pages

Language: English

Genres: Words, Language & Grammar


Language is mankind’s greatest invention-except, of course, that it was never invented.” So begins linguist Guy Deutscher’s enthralling investigation into the genesis and evolution of language. If we started off with rudimentary utterances on the level of “man throw spear,” how did we end up with sophisticated grammars, enormous vocabularies, and intricately nuanced degrees of meaning?

Drawing on recent groundbreaking discoveries in modern linguistics, Deutscher exposes the elusive forces of creation at work in human communication, giving us fresh insight into how language emerges, evolves, and decays. He traces the evolution of linguistic complexity from an early “Me Tarzan” stage to such elaborate single-word constructions as the Turkish sehirlilestiremediklerimizdensiniz (“you are one of those whom we couldn’t turn into a town dweller”). Arguing that destruction and creation in language are intimately entwined, Deutscher shows how these processes are continuously in operation, generating new words, new structures, and new meanings.

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