The Sonderberg Case

The Sonderberg Case Pdf
The Sonderberg Case Pdf

The Sonderberg Case

The Sonderberg Case
The Sonderberg Case

About the book:

The Sonderberg Case book

Author: Elie Wiesel

Publisher: Knopf; Rep Tra edition

Publish date: (August 24, 2010)

ISBN-10: 0307272206

ISBN-13: 978-0307272201

Pages: 192 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Literary, Historical


“From the first clear, simple sentence, melancholy hangs over the story, always permeating the author’s voice . . . The theme of the Jew today confronting his own family history remains powerful.”

“Wiesel’s latest novel is full of questions . . . Is Sonderberg guilty? The answer is satisfying if not surprising, a good description of this musing, almost fablelike work.”
-Library Journal

“Ambitious . . . Compelling.”
-Publishers Weekly

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