The Innocent Man Pdf

The Innocent Man Pdf

The Innocent Man Pdf

The Innocent Man Pdf

About the book:

The Innocent Man eBook

Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Dell

Publish date: March 9, 2006

Pages: 458 pages

Language: English

Genres: Politics & Social Sciences


In the town of Ada, Oklahoma, Ron Williamson was going to be the next Mickey Mantle. But on his way to the Big Leagues, Ron stumbled, his dreams broken by drinking, drugs, and women. Then, on a winter night in 1982, not far from Ron’s home, a young cocktail waitress named Debra Sue Carter was savagely murdered. The investigation led nowhere. Until, on the flimsiest evidence, it led to Ron Williamson. The washed-up small-town hero was charged, tried, and sentenced to death—in a trial littered with lying witnesses and tainted evidence that would shatter a man’s already broken life, and let a true killer go free.

Impeccably researched, grippingly told, filled with eleventh-hour drama, The Innocent Man reads like a page-turning legal thriller. It is a book no American can afford to miss.

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