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The Dex-Files

The Dex-Files

About the book:

The Dex-Files Book

Author: Karina Halle

Series: (Experiment in Terror #5.7)

Publisher: Metal Blonde Books

Publish date: (August 11, 2012)


Pages: 117 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fiction, Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal fiction


Warning – The Dex-Files contains harsh language and graphic sexual scenes suitable for readers 18 yrs of age and older. It also contains numerous spoilers for the Experiment in Terror Series and is recommended to those who have read books all the novels in the series (including Old Blood)

The truth is out there…

The Dex-Files is a compilation novel that accompanies the Experiment in Terror Series. In the Dex-Files we find a variety of scenes and chapters from the enigmatic Dex Foray’s POV from books #1-6 in the series. Some of these scenes have been previously published, albeit from Perry’s POV, while other scenes are completely new.

Dex’s mind is a frightening place…I hope you enjoy the ride.

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