The Coffin Club

The Coffin Club Pdf
The Coffin Club Pdf

The Coffin Club

About the book:

The Coffin Club Book

Author: Ellen Schreiber

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books; Reprint edition

Publish date: (May 19, 2009)

ISBN-10: 9780061288869

ISBN-13: 978-0061288869

Pages: 206 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fiction


There’s a hot new underground club in town . . . but membership lasts an eternity.

It’s summer break, and Raven knows she should stay put in Dullsville until her immortal love returns. But when she decides to go after Alexander, she can’t resist a visit to her favorite Goth-spot, The Coffin Club. Sneaking inside, Raven is shocked to discover a secret door that leads to the entrance of another hidden club. There’s something peculiar about this cryptic hangout—and it’s too enticing for Raven to resist. Soon a dangerous battle for the club’s rule erupts between Alexander’s old nemesis and a mysterious new guy. Can Raven avoid the clash before her curiosity lands her in serious trouble?

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