The Big Wave

The Big Wave Pdf
The Big Wave Pdf

The Big Wave

The Big Wave
The Big Wave

About the book:

The Big Wave book

Author: Pearl S. Buck

Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween

Publish date: (21 Aug. 2012)

ASIN: B008F4NQ86

Pages: 67 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Children’s eBooks, Geography & Cultures, Psychological, Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction


KINO LIVED ON A farm. The farm lay on the side of a mountain in Japan. The fields were terraced by

walls of stone, each one of them like a broad step up the mountain. Centuries ago Kino’s ancestors

had built the stone walls that held up the fields.

Above all the fields stood the farmhouse that was Kino’s home. Sometimes he felt the climb was a

hard one, especially when he had been working in the lowest field and he wanted his supper. But after

he had eaten at night and in the morning, he was glad that he lived so high up because he could look

down on the broad blue ocean at the foot of the mountain.

The mountain rose so steeply out of the ocean that there was only a strip of sandy shore at its foot.

Upon this strip was the small fishing village where Kino’s father sold his vegetables and rice and

bought his fish. From the window of his room Kino looked down upon the few thatched roofs of the

village, running in two uneven lines on both sides of a cobbled street. These houses faced one

another, and those that stood beside the sea did not have windows toward it. Since he enjoyed looking

at the waves, Kino often wondered why the village people did not, but he never knew until he came to

know Jiya, whose father was a fisherman.

Jiya lived in the last house in the row of houses toward the ocean, and his house did not have a

window toward the sea either.

“Why not?” Kino asked him. “The sea is beautiful.”

“The sea is our enemy,” Jiya replied.

“How can you say that?” Kino asked. “Your father catches fish from the sea and sells them and that

is how you live.”

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