Still Bleeding

Still Bleeding Pdf
Still Bleeding Pdf

Still Bleeding

Still Bleeding
Still Bleeding

About the book:

Still Bleeding book

Author: Stephen Leather

Series: Red Queen (Book 1)

Publish date: May 1, 2012


Pages: 46 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Occult,


Jack Nightingale had never been a fan of Fridays. They always seemed to get in the way of a perfectly

good weekend. Friday was always a bad day to start a case and finishing one on a Friday meant the bill

wouldn’t go out until the following week. All in all, he found it hard to drum up any enthusiasm for

Fridays. There were the odd exceptions. Bank Holiday Fridays were always a pleasant surprise, and

every now and again New Years Eve and Christmas Day fell on a Friday. This particular Friday was

different, though. As soon as he stepped into his office, his assistant Jenny McLean told him that he had a

client waiting for him.

‘There was nothing in the diary,’ said Nightingale, hanging his raincoat by the door.

‘I never put anything in the diary because you never open it,’ said Jenny. ‘He’s a priest from the

Vatican.’ She was wearing a blue dress that looked expensive and had tied her blonde hair back into a


‘The Vatican?’

‘Yes, where the Pope lives.’


‘Well, strictly speaking it’s a separate independent city-state, but yes, that’s the one.’ She pointed at the

door to the office. ‘He’s waiting for you in there.’

‘What does a priest want with a private eye?’

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