Ruin and Rising Pdf

Ruin and Rising Book Cover

Ruin and Rising Book Cover

Ruin and Rising Review

LO AND BEHOLD, the most awaited fantasy series of the most celebrated author has reached its final destination. YUP, you heard us right. We are talking about none other than The Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardough.

We certainly feel as if waiting for the last part of this series was more of an excruciating experience than spending 12 years in Azkaban jail (Harry Potter nerds know *wink*). Anyways, after much waiting, the book is finally here and we cannot wait to dive in and feel the salt of Leigh Bardugo’s magical prose on our tongues. We do not hate trilogies as much as I hate the last books in them. We always feel sad and let down because bad things always happen and things are not as exciting as the build up.

With the Grisha trilogy, we do not really feel that way. Rather, we feel pretty satisfied with it. In the book, Alina goes from one place to the next, and the next. It’s a lot of doing and more character driven, with lots of side characters and strong main characters instead of following a straightforward path. But, nevertheless, it is an awesome read. Well, you know the story, you know the author. What are you waiting for??? Jump right and feel Bardugo’s magic hover on your mind in the most amazing way.

About the book:

Ruin and Rising eBook

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Series: Shadow and Bone (Book 3)

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR); First edition

Publish date: (August 18, 2015)

Pages: 368 pages

ISBN-10: 1250063167

ISBN-13: 978-1250063168

Language: English

Genres: Teen & Young Adult Monster Fiction

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