Rogue States Pdf

Rogue States Pdf
Rogue States Pdf

Rogue States Pdf

Rogue States Pdf

About the book:

Rogue States eBook

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: South End Press; Second Printing edition

Publish date: August 1, 2000

ISBN-10: 9780896086111

ISBN-13: 978-0896086111

Pages: 150 pages

Language: English

Genres: Humanities


In Rogue States Nom Chomsky is a harsh critic and has highlighted the discrepancies in the United States foreign policy. His definition of rogue states has two uses: a propagandistic, which applies to assorted enemies and a literal use that applies to states that do not regard themselves bound by international norms. In the post WWII era these norms were defined and developed by the United Nations charter, by International Court of Justice decisions and by various conventions and treatise signed by states. After the end of cold war the U.S being the sole super power, international law today is less regarded by the U.S than at any other time. This was especially highlighted by the Clinton administration when Madam Albright informed the U.N that the U.S will act �Multilaterally when possible and Unilaterally when necessary�.

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