Reap the Wind

Reap the Wind Pdf
Reap the Wind Pdf

Reap the Wind

Reap the Wind
Reap the Wind

About the book:

Reap the Wind Book

Author: Iris Johansen

Series: Wind Dancer (Book 3)

Publisher: Bantam; Reissue edition

Publish date: (August 27, 2002)

ISBN-10: 0553586122

ISBN-13: 978-0553586121

Pages: 624 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fiction


An elusive killer…a deadly obsession…and a woman who must destroy him–or become his next victim.

Some would kill to know what Caitlin Vasaro knows. For the secrets she’s kept hidden all her life are the kind that the rich and the powerful will do anything to possess. But not even Caitlin knows how much danger she is in–or how far someone will go to hunt her down. But she is about to find out when she enters a business deal with the mysterious and charismatic Alex Karazov and joins the hunt for one of the world’s most coveted treasures, the Wind Dancer, an ancient statue of legendary beauty and power. But Kazarov is a dangerous man who has an even more dangerous enemy and suddenly Caitlin is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue and deception, unable to trust anyone, not even the one man who can help. Now she must outsmart the cleverest of killers, a psychopath obsessed with the Wind Dancer whose ruthless plan spans continents and whose lethal rampage won’t stop at one death…or two…or even three–not until he finally gets what he wants: the secret Caitlin will die to keep.

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