Public Libraries in Lahore

Public Libraries in Lahore

Public Libraries in Lahore

UNESCO conferred Lahore as the city of Literature. With its ever-going literary festivals, book clubs and book houses, the city of Lahore seems the most deserving of this title.

Apart from the literary festivals, the city also houses some of the greatest public libraries of Pakistan as well. Apart from the enriched libraries present in every major educational institute, Lahore has a fair share of public libraries as well which serve as an educational and cultural hub for the students and scholars of the city.

These libraries suffice a great help in scholarly research; also old magazines and journals for historical research. Following is a guideline to three leading libraries in Lahore.

Quaid e Azam Library

Located in Lawrance Garden Mall Road (also known as Bagh e Jinnah) Quaid e Azam library is a magnificent white building with a typical royal vibe. Quaid e Azam Library in Lahore’s biggest public library housing thousands of unique books, gazettes, public records, and archives. The library has a spacious seating area, a technologically advanced computer hall that has access to HEC’s digital library as well.

The library has two main halls for both Urdu and English books respectively. These great halls contain a lot of books necessary for research and academic purposes. If you visit Quaid e Azam library on a random afternoon, you will find quite a number of CSS aspirants burning away the mid-afternoon oil. Moreover, you will find a lot of nerdy students with their books buried in thick books.

Apart from that, the library is a cozy study space with the internet to study for exams. Left to the entrance hall, it has a canteen for all your savory needs. The membership of the library is open for graduates and students currently enrolled in graduate-level degree only however you can get a virtual visit on the library’s website.

British Council Library

British Council Lahore Library is located in a modern office block located inside the British Council premises. The space of the library performs a dual function. It not only functions as a library and offers a quiet reading space but, it serves as a social space for cultural events and book-themed parties, giving access to some of the best cultural programming in Pakistan as well. The physical space of the library houses thousands of books and DVDs.

Apart from books and DVDs, it an interactive community space where book club meetings and various talks surrounding cultural topics take place. Moreover, the Digital library members across the country are provided with access to thousands of e-books, e-journals, online magazines. The membership is open for both children and adults. The best thing about this technologically advanced library is that you can start the membership process by booking a tour through the library’s website.  So what are you waiting for? Book your tour and visit right now.

Punjab Public Library

If we peek through the history of this historic city, we come to know that Punjab Public Library is one of the oldest libraries of the city. It is a marvelous building located on the Tollinton Market road which is right in the heart of the city. The library offers a huge treasure for any history student or anyone interested in the metropolitan of the city. It contains old Gazettes of Punjab and undivided India; it also provides more than 1500 old manuscripts as well as old magazines and newspapers.

The library is not only rich in terms of books but,  it is a great study space for reading and research work as well. The best thing about Punjab Public Library is that the entrance is free for everyone. You can just go and experience the historicity of old Lahore first hand.

Dyal Singh Public Library

Dyal Singh public library is located on the Nisbat road near Gawal mandi. Surrounded by all the famous eateries of the city, Dyal Singh library is one of its kind. Named after the eminent scholar Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, Dyal Singh Library was established in 1908 in pursuance of the will of the Late Sardar deal Singh Majithia.

The Library first started functioning at the residence of Sardar Sahib and subsequently shifted to the existing building in 1928. The most interesting thing about this library is that it also functions as a publishing press. It has published a total of 108 books to date. Apart from that, the library houses a total of 1,82,673 books on various topics. The library is open for all. You can walk in and get a membership in the library hours.

Apart from the libraries mentioned above, “Defence Public Library” “Model Town Library” are also great reading and study spaces in the city. Book a tour and visit all these cool libraries right away.

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