Pretty Little Liars Flawless

Pretty Little Liars Flawless Pdf
Pretty Little Liars Flawless Pdf

Pretty Little Liars Flawless

Pretty Little Liars Flawless
Pretty Little Liars Flawless

About the book:

Pretty Little Liars Flawless book

Author: Sara Shepard

Series: Pretty Little Liars (Book 2)

Publisher: HarperTeen

Publish date: (March 26, 2007)

ISBN-10: 0060887338

ASIN: B0013L2E1I

Pages: 352 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Values & Virtues, Being a Teen


I always liked the chick-bed and the polars and I must say that with this series I am not outdone, for me it is a very good compromise between these two kinds. This first volume makes it possible to set the scene, the characters and the plot. The style is fluid, the story is well conducted; We quickly want to know more and it is very difficult to ask. Sara shepard is very clever to lead us on false tracks and keep the mystery to the end, the plot is really full of twists and turns. Be warned in advance you will not have all the keys in this first volume and many questions will remain unanswered.

Moreover, one attaches easily to the heroines, they all have their different character and it is really easy to identify with one of them. I find the storyline interesting and well thought out, each chapter follows only one of the four girls. So it contributes greatly to the suspense since we must wait 3 or 4 chapters before knowing what happens to him then.

Of course it is not very great literature but it is refreshing and if you want a moment of relaxation this series will be perfect. You will find there a lot of suspense and twists, passages a little darker too and a lot of humor. A defect however, I find that the author cites far too many famous American brands (fashion, jewelry, sunglasses …) and that does not bring much to the plot.

The French edition is published with a cover that seems childish, yet in the English version the language as well as some scenes are not necessarily adapted to younger.

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