Practice Makes Perfect Pdf

Practice Makes Perfect Pdf

Practice Makes Perfect Pdf

Practice Makes Perfect Pdf

About the book:

Practice Makes Perfect eBook

Author: Gary Muschla

Series: Practice Makes Perfect Series

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Publish date: November 17, 2010

ISBN-10: 007174715X

ISBN-13: 978-007174715X

Pages: 240 pages

Language: English

Genres: Education & Reference


Understanding writing is essential for your child to write with competence and clarity. Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Writing gives your child bite-sized explanations of this essential skill, with engaging exercises that keep her or him motivated and excited to learn. They can practice the writing skills that are challenging, polish skills they’ve mastered, and stretch themselves to explore skills they have not yet attempted. This title features 170 activities (plus answer key) that increase in difficulty as your child proceeds through the book.

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