November 9 Colleen Hoover

November 9 Pdf
November 9 Pdf

November 9

November 9
November 9

About the book:

November 9 book

Author: Colleen Hoover

Publisher: Atria Books

Publish date: (November 10, 2015)

ISBN-10: 1501110349

ISBN-13: 978-1501110344

Pages: 320 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: United States, Domestic Life, Family Life, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary


At first I thought of putting 5 but finally it will be a 3.

When I first started I found the author I love, the author who wrote my two favorite books, Maybe Someday and Ugly love, but when I got to the middle it fell at a stroke, j I was very disappointed, I found this event to break everything, it made me think a lot of other books that I read like One tiny Breathe (Respire), which is a pity …

But we also find in this book the writing and style of Colleen Hoover which is the coincidence as it was in Confess, and Hopeless (which are not my favorite books) ..

On the other hand, there is an error in this book, when it is Ben who speaks at a time in only one sentence, it was the girl who spoke … Not logical at all .. and at another time the boy Spoke of him and his brothers saying “Ian and Ben” … but it was him Ben .. she wanted to write Kyle.

Which is a pity …

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