Love, Hate and Other Filters

Love, Hate and Other Filters

About the book:

Love, Hate and Other Filters Book

Author: Samira Ahmed

Publisher: Soho Teen

Publish date: (January 16, 2018)

ISBN-10: 1616958472

ISBN-13: 978-1616958473

Pages: 312

Language: English

Genres: Fiction


In this unforgettable debut novel, an Indian-American Muslim teen copes with Islamophobia, cultural divides among peers and parents, and a reality she can neither explain nor escape.

Seventeen-year-old Maya Aziz is torn between worlds. There’s the proper one her parents expect for their good Indian daughter: attending a college close to their suburban Chicago home and being paired off with an older Muslim boy her mom deems “suitable.” And then there is the world of her dreams: going to film school and living in New York City—and pursuing a boy she’s known from afarsince grade school.

But in the aftermath of a horrific crime perpetrated hundreds of miles away, her life is turned upside down. The community she’s known since birth becomes unrecognizable; neighbors and classmates are consumed with fear, bigotry, and hatred. Ultimately, Maya must find the strength within to determine where she truly belongs.

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