Letter from Peking A Novel

Letter from Peking A Novel Pdf
Letter from Peking A Novel Pdf

Letter from Peking A Novel

Letter from Peking A Novel
Letter from Peking A Novel

About the book:

Letter from Peking A Novel book

Author: Pearl S. Buck

Publisher: Open Road Media

Publish date: (21 May 2013)


Pages: 224 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: United States, Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Classics


THE YEAR IS 1950, the month is September, and the day the twenty-fifth. The place? It is this valley in the

mountains of Vermont, where I was born and where I lived my childhood through. I have crossed the

seas, I made my love’s country my own. Then came war, and I was an alien in spite of love, and I

returned again to the valley.

Half an hour ago I walked down our country road, under the arch of maples, red and gold, to

meet the postman. He comes only three times a week to this remote spot in the mountains of Vermont,

and three mornings a week I wake early and restless. There is always the chance that a letter will come

from Peking, a letter from Gerald. For months no letter has come. But this morning there was a letter.

The postman singled it out and gave it to me.

“Here’s what you’re waitin’ for,” he said.

I would not open it until he was gone. Then, alone in the lane, under the arching maple trees

blazing with autumn fire, I opened the envelope. I knew, as I read, that I had been expecting this letter.

No, rather, I knew that it could not surprise me. Nothing that Gerald does can surprise me, or shock

me, or even hurt me. I have loved him. I do love him and shall always love him.

I read the letter, over and over again. In the silent autumn air, no wind stirring, the bright leaves

floated down. I could hear Gerald’s voice speaking the words he had written.

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