King of Thorns

King of Thorns Pdf
King of Thorns Pdf

King of Thorns

King of Thorns
King of Thorns

About the book:

King of Thorns Book

Author: Mark Lawrence

Series: The Broken Empire (Book 2)

Publisher: Ace; Reprint edition

Publish date: (July 30, 2013)

ISBN-10: 0425256235

ISBN-13: 978-0425256237

Pages: 432 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy


At age nine, Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath vowed to avenge his slaughtered mother and brother—and to punish his father for not doing so. At fifteen, he began to fulfill that vow. Now, at eighteen, he must fight for what he has taken by torture and treachery.

Haunted by the pain of his past, and plagued by nightmares of the atrocities he has committed, King Jorg is filled with rage. And even as his need for revenge continues to consume him, an overwhelming enemy force marches on his castle.

Jorg knows that he cannot win a fair fight. But he has found a long-hidden cache of ancient artifacts. Some might call them magic. Jorg is not certain—all he knows is that their secrets can be put to terrible use in the coming battle…

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