Kinfolk A Novel of China

Kinfolk A Novel of China Pdf
Kinfolk A Novel of China Pdf

Kinfolk A Novel of China

Kinfolk A Novel of China
Kinfolk A Novel of China

About the book:

Kinfolk A Novel of China book

Author: Pearl S. Buck

Publisher: Open Road Media

Publish date: (August 21, 2012)


Pages: 414 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Chinese, Romance, Cultural Heritage


THE THEATER IN CHINATOWN was crowded to the doors. Every night actors brought from Canton played

and sang the old Chinese operas. If Billy Pan, the manager, announced a deficit at the end of the lunar

year, businessmen contributed money to cover it. The theater was a bulwark of home for them. Their

children went to American schools, spoke the American language, acted like American children. The

fathers and mothers were not highly educated people and they could not express to the children what

China was, except that it was their own country, which must not be forgotten. But in the theater the

children could see for themselves what China was. Here history was played again and ancient heroes

came to life before their eyes. It was the only place in Chinatown which could compete with the movies.

Parents brought their children early and stayed late. They talked with friends and neighbors, exchanged

sweetmeats and gossip, and sat spellbound and dreaming when the curtain went up to show the figures

who were contemporary with their ancestors.

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