Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt Pdf Download
Jennie Gerhardt Pdf Download

Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt
Jennie Gerhardt

About the book:

Jennie Gerhardt 

Author: Theodore Dreiser

Publish Date: November 19, 2013

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent

Publishing Platform

ISBN-10: 1494208733


ISBN-13: 978-1494208738

Language: English

Book Pages: 120
Genre: Fiction and Literature


The biography of a lady who wanted warmth, Unselfish, sweet, believing, she is the little girl of poor working individuals in a Western city. She pulls in the consideration of one who sits in the seats of the forceful and arranges training and marriage with this young lady starving for adoration and appreciative for distinguish. Anyway there comes a disaster which leaves Jennie to face the world alone, with a prevailing sense for sensitivity and affection, something of which she acknowledges finally.

Dreiser’s incredible subject in his meets expectations was the colossal pressures that can emerge around aspiration, yearning, and social mores. He spearheaded the naturalist school and is known for depicting characters whose worth lies not in their ethical code, however in their constancy despite seemingly insurmountable opposition.

Jennie Gerhardt personifies Dreiser’s description of unaccepted parts of life in that period, for example, sexual wantonness. He was frequently compelled to fight against oversight with respect to his books.

Jennie is a desperate junior lady who meets Senator George Brander while she fills in as a servant in an inn. He gets captivated by her, helps her family and wishes to get married her. Appreciative for his generosity, she has an unsanctioned romance with him, they never get married, she gets pregnant, and he passes on suddenly. She conceives a little girl, has her mother administer to the kid, and moves to an alternate city, where she discovers livelihood as a house keeper for a rich public opinion lady. Here she meets Lester Kane, a prosperous maker’s child, and they leave on a long haul relationship.

The novel harps finally on the battles they both have with respect to good and bad, social mores, weights of family objection to their life-style, dis-legacy of Lester by his well off father, the adoration they have for one another, and Lester’s indecision about wedding Jennie.

Dreiser’s composition is sharp, attentive, and moving. He depict his characters with authenticity and compassion. This is a book which incites genuine inquiries regarding our fundamental human qualities, morals, societal standards, religious convictions, and one’s bliss or nonattendance of it, at what cost?

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