Insurgent pdf download
Insurgent pdf download

Insurgent by veronica roth 

Insurgent  by veronica roth
Insurgent by veronica roth

About the book:


Author: Veronica Roth

Publish Date: May 1, 2012

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

ISBN 0062024043 (first) 

ISBN 0062234935 (coll.)

ISBN-13: 9780062024046

Language: English

Book Pages: 525 pp (first ed.)
568 pp (collector’s ed.)

Genre: Fiction


Taking the story from the dramatic end in Divergent, Insurgent starts with hardships facing Tris as she bear the loss of her parents and her deep guilt over killing her friend, Will, while he was under the effect of a hypnotization. Erudite attack the city and gunned down Abnegation members using dauntless soldiers which leads to the mass execution of Abnegation faction without giving any chance to Tris and her friends to stop it. As soon the mass execution come to an end, the remaining dauntless faction divides into two, Traitors they joined hands with Erudite, and outcasts that are being hunted by their previous faction-mates.

Tris and her friends are hardly tested in the struggle of finding support. Friends become foes. Truth and hidden alliances become visible. Even the strong bond between Tris and Tobias might not be enough to hold the forces that threaten to take them down.

So, from overall view: I was not fell in love with Insurgent as I was in with divergent. Don’t take me wrong! Insurgent has many similarities that I loved in Divergent – there’s some characters with conflicts, action and mind wondering twists side by side. By that same mean, there is a repetition that irritates a lot, action that doesn’t show or indicate the signal of advancing the actual story, and so much distraction of sexual tension which diverts from real beauty of said characters.

First, the good. I feel happy that the book starts following the dramatic conclusion of Divergent, with Tris, Tobias and their group of survivors finding help and healing their wounds. Keeping in mind the character of Tris, She is hurt physically with her shoulder injury as well as emotionally because of her actions after murdering a nice friend, a hidden truth that she guards quietly from Tobias and everyone else. I like the way Tris is conflicted in the starting phase of this book, unable to handle the hardships the recalling memories of killing a friend and bearing the pain of her parent’s death. Tris, in turn, locks down and tend to keep herself away from future pain, even from the guy she needs to open up.

There’s a great twist as the book advancing to its end which was expected. I like the twist. It is the stuff of freaky crazy bordering on ludicrousness, but I actually love this lost lunacy. I amover excited to see how this all turns out in the next book.

Without considering other peoples review I just love this no matter what people say about it. I am completely indulged in the series, I am pretty excited about Tris and her adventures, and I enjoyed this book. Waiting to how everything will come out in the new release.

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