Greenlights Pdf By Matthew McConaughey

Greenlights Pdf By Matthew McConaughey

Greenlights Pdf By Matthew McConaughey

Originally published: October 20, 2020

Author: Matthew McConaughey

Cover artist: Miller Mobley (photo); Christopher Brand (design); Michael Morris (design)

Page count: 304

Dewey Decimal: 791.4302/8092 B

Genres: Memoir, Autobiography, Poetry, Biography



Greenlights Book Review:

Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award Winning Actor, who has written a memoir which is filled with stories, emotions and wisdom. He details his life stories and incidents to make us realize that it is not about winning but understanding ourselves and the world around us.

He worked on this book for a long time unknowingly. Ever since he was a child, he used to collect notes by writing a diary. He kept all these notes with him and after reaching the age of 50 he decided to take a look at them.

At first, he wanted someone else to compile all these notes into one but that did not work out. So, he went into solitary for days and solved the puzzle. This book is getting a lot of fame and excellent reviews. Even if you are a fan of his acting or not you should really read this book.

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