Four: A Divergent Collection

Four: A Divergent Collection
Four: A Divergent Collection

Four: A Divergent Collection

Four: A Divergent Collection
Four: A Divergent Collection

About the book:

Four: A Divergent Collection 

Author:                        Veronica Roth

Publisher:                    HarperCollins

Publish date:               July 8, 2014

ISBN-10:                      0062345214

ISBN-13:                      9780062345219

Pages:                          304

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Young Adult, Fiction, Dystopian


Four of divergent series is a good read for fans of four. I love the Divergent series and was so curious to hear that all these small four shorts were being composed in one book, all from Tobias’ perspective. The Transfer follows what happens to Tobias as he relocates from Abnegation to Dauntless on Choosing Day.The Initiate: Tobias’ beginning, with his first tattoo, and his new name. He continues his journey and become an official member of dauntless.The Son: Tobias doesn’t believe the dauntless governance and fights to find his own place. It shows his initial days as dauntless member.
The Traitor: This short become popular with the beginning of Divergent, when Tobias discovers the erudite plan that could change the whole world.
There are three acts from Tobias’ perspective that are similar with Tris. I love seeing acts from multiple perspectives, and with these small shorts we get to see Four/Tobias as a hard and dark man. I do not mean that as bad as it seems. Four always appeared to have a worldly way about him. He knows what to do, and Tris and readers always look up to him. When we begin seeing his inner workings, four looks more and more human, we see his fears, his views and his worries. He no longer is that tough and serious Four we met, but Tobias, who has doubts and trials and is just trying to keep Tris safe. There are also special acts at the back that show some more Divergent acts from Four’s point of view.
If you’re a fan of the Divergent Trilogy you will surely love this addition. It truly adds to Divergent including 3 additional acts between four and Tris. Absolutely added so much more attraction to the character four. He is really my favorite character. You also get his side of things in allegiant. This book covers the series filling you in on his background and part of his expedition with Tris during Divergent.

According to my point of view, writing this after the fact of the other ones it was really good. I think that it certainly could have been better seeing that she formerly wanted the Divergent Collection to be from Tobias’s perspective. However, for her writing this after all the other Divergent books and with the assumption that everyone reading this has already read the divergent trilogy there was many things she did not have to include, but it made the book look more like a rough draft than a story. Overall, I was happy, it’s a complete four fan service bundled neatly into a book for our amusement.

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