Dreamland Pdf Book
Dreamland Pdf Book



About the book:


Author:                                Julie M. Lippmann

Publisher:                            1st World Publishing, Incorporated

Publish date:                      1914

ASIN:                                     B00849RAZM

ISBN-10:                               1406950211

ISBN-13:                               9781421817842

Pages:                                   62

Language:                           English

genre:                                   Fiction and Literature


An accumulation of short stories for teens, initially distributed in 1914, incorporates The Waking Soul, Majorie’s Miracle, Nina’s Christmas Gifts and The Pied Piper’s Mountain.

Larry lay under the trees upon the delicate, green grass, with his cap tilted far forward over his eyes and his dingy hands fastened together underneath his head, wishing with all his may first one thing and afterward an alternate, yet dependably that it was not so warm. The point when the kids had headed off to class in the morning, they had seen Larry’s figure, as they passed along the road, extended full-length underneath the trees close to the canal curbstone; and when they returned, there he was still.

They took a gander at him with interest; and a portion of the young men even stopped adjacent to him and bowed over to check whether he were sunstruck. He gave them a chance to discuss him and examine him and stand amazed at him as they might, never blending, and barely setting out to inhale, keeping in mind that they be prompted to stay and inquiry him.

He needed to be distant from everyone else. He needed to lie apathetically under the trees, and watch the sunbeams as they played with the leaves, and hear the fowls chatter with each one in turn, and feel the breeze as it touched his hot sanctuaries and calmed him with its delicate strokes.

One, two, three!

The modest honey bee!

The chicken crows,

And away she goes!’

Furthermore down from the low railing of the piazza bounced Betty into the delicate load of new-moan grass that appeared to have been particularly set where it could entice her and make her disregard or, anyhow, “not recall”—that she was needed inside to help delight the infant for 60 minutes.

Sometime in the distant past there existed in a far nation a man and his wife, and they were exceptionally poor. Each morning the man went his route into the woodland, and there he slashed wood until the sky in the west flushed ruby in light of the delight it felt at having the extraordinary sun pass that way; and when the last edge of the red ball vanished behind the line of the mounts, the man might shoulder his hatchet and walk wearily.

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