Details of the Hunt

Details of the Hunt

Details of the Hunt
Details of the Hunt

About the book:

Details of the Hunt Book

Author: Laura Baumbach

Series: (Details Series)

Publisher: MLR Press, LLC; first edition

Publish date: (January 16, 2007)


Pages: 314 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Erotic literature, Fiction, Science Fiction


A 26th century, time-traveling, bounty hunter snatchs a 18th century Earth pirate in a deal to enrich the archeoalogical knowledge of mankind, but as he develops an attraction for the likable, free-spirited prey, he attempts to alter the deal, threatening both his own personal code of honor and the strict rules of conduct of his race. Will the love of a wily, cock-sure, young pirate be enough for the stoic hunter to risk exile from his own people?

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