CultureShock Pdf

CultureShock Pdf

CultureShock Pdf

CultureShock Pdf

About the book:

CultureShock eBook

Author: Susan Roraff

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Editions

Publish date: February 15, 2011

Pages: 326 pages

Language: English

Genres: Research & Publishing Guides


CultureShock! Austria provides a thorough crash course on under-standing and adjusting to life in this beautiful country. While giving justice to Austria’s rich cultural heritage and its romantic splendour, the book also explains the day-to-day realities of living and working in the country. It’s full of information to help you settle in seamlessly: how to find a suitable home, how to do your banking, what schools and facilities are available for your family, what to expect from the work environment and much more.

It also provides insights into the social customs and values of the Austrians and how you can build meaningful relationships with them. The book also delves into the many cultural delights of Austria, such as the delicious cuisine, its world-famous music, opera, architecture and art, and other leisure activities that are uniquely Austrian. CultureShock!Austria is the ideal companion to help you find your way in Austria and to make the country your own.

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