Come My Beloved A Novel

Come My Beloved A Novel Pdf
Come My Beloved A Novel Pdf

Come My Beloved A Novel

Come My Beloved A Novel
Come My Beloved A Novel

About the book:

Come My Beloved A Novel book

Author: Pearl S. Buck

Publisher: Open Road Media

Publish date: (May 21, 2013)


Pages: 279 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Religious, Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian


THE DESK AT THE Grand Hotel in Bombay was crowded with incoming guests. A ship had arrived in

harbor that morning and the big lobby was noisy with many tongues, the chief of which was English.

It was the English, it was clear to see, who got the first attention. Even a maharajah, encircled by his

entourage, was sitting in jealous impatience in one of the big reed chairs. His brilliant headdress, his

glittering costume and the fluttering many-colored garments of his entourage made his group look

foreign, though this was India. The English, calm and patient, were unconscious of the jealousy of

anyone and they stared straight ahead as they stood in line.

Among them was an American, a tall heavily built man of middle age, dressed in a dark grey

business suit and a black felt hat. He gazed about him with interested curiosity, as calm in his way as

the English, but not afraid to show his enjoyment of the scene. Only America bred men so assured, so

naive and so humorous. He surveyed even the Englishmen with eyes amused and tolerant, and he did

not hesitate to hold his place in the line, in spite of English pressure, secret but unmistakable, to shove

him aside. His broad shoulders retaliated by being immovable as slowly he approached the desk.

Once he turned to speak to the tall slender young man behind him, obviously his son. They had the

same bold profile, though the son had dark eyes instead of grey and smooth dark hair instead of a

red-grey shock. His face was smooth, too, olive skinned, but the father had a close-cut beard and

mustache, grizzled red, and his eyes were deepset under fierce eyebrows of the same hue.

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