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About the book:

Choke book

Author: Obert Skye

Series: Pillage Trilogy (Quality) (Book 2)

Publisher: Shadow Mountain; Reprint edition

Publish date: (September 7, 2011)

ISBN-10: 1609087720

ISBN-13: 978-1609087722

Pages: 336 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Thrillers & Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy


Pillage was the first of three books in the fantasy adventure that Obert Skye calls a Pillagy. Choke, the second volume, continues the eccentric adventures of Beck Phillips, who seems to have a knack for causing mischief in the secluded village of Kingsplot. In Pillage, Beck used his unique gift to hatch several dragon eggs. Thankfully, the dragons were destroyed . . . or were they? In Choke, a stranger has discovered that Beck Phillips is the key to finding and hatching a lost dragon s egg a task that will allow the stranger to claim the Pillage treasure for his own. Beck learns that outward appearances can be deceiving and that sometimes grown-ups really do have valuable lessons to offer. Readers will laugh out loud at Beck s antics and sit on the edge of their seats as Beck and his friends confront Lizzy, the largest, most ferocious dragon Beck has ever seen!

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