Best Books To Read This Summer

Best Books To Read This Summer

Best Books To Read This Summer

If there is anything that last year has taught us is that there is no such thing as too many books. During the initial days of the pandemic, hundreds of people regretted passing up the opportunity to hoard more books because let’s face it, books kept us sane and functioning during that awfully uncertain time.

In most countries, the coronavirus is at its peak. Therefore, as the world outside gets turned upside down and we are forced into house arrest, the best thing to do is turn our noses inside a book and just avoid the world for as long as we can. Summer season and book reading have always been staples to each other.

Whether it is the thought of enjoying a fun summer read while sunbathing in a pool or having a sizzling rom-com accompany you to the beach, summer has always been a fun season for bookworms. However, this year, things look a little different. We may not be able to go to the beach or pool but not to worry, we still cannot wait to read for long afternoons in the living room with a fan slowly running in the background.

This summer, we have got great news for bookworms everywhere: This is a great season for books. Some of your favorite authors have steamy new titles dropping just in time for summer vacation. Apart from our favorite authors, a huge number of very promising debut authors and under-the-radar hits will also find their way to the top of your TBR pile. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a stack of these to carry with you wherever the summer sun takes you and by that we mean, your living room or by the window.

Here is a list of our most awaited summer reads:

Summer on the Bluffs: A Novel by Sunny Hostin

Summer on the Bluffs book cover
Source: Amazon

I am sure all of us remember the summers where we would just escape the humidity of the city and visit the countryside in search of peace and contentment and with a secret hope to find our summer romance. Things are no different for Sunny Hostin’s protagonist Perry.

Perry Soto has fled sweaty NYC every summer to the idyllic cottage owned by her “Ama.” Ama plans to give the house to one of her three goddaughters, Perry included, and they all desperately want to win the deed. Dive into the book to find out who gets the house of our dreams.

With Teeth: A Novel by Kristen Arnett

With Teeth: A Novel by Kristen Arnett book cover
Source: Amazon

Akin to the Netflix Film Marriage Story, With Teeth by Kristen Arnett revolves around the concept of family, marriage, and companionship. The novel comments on how lonely the search for a family can be.

The plot of the novel revolves around a couple Sammie and her wife Monika have differing opinions on just about everything, including how to raise their sullen son Samson. The book acquaints us to painful love, family dynamics, and how human psychology behaves in search of love.

That Summer: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner

That Summer: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner book cover
Source: Amazon

Jennifer Weiner is our favorite summer author. Her books have always been a staple to our beach bag. She has continued to drop hit summer reads over the years and this year looks no different.

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner revolves around two women named Daisy and Diana and their beautiful friendship. We promise that this twisty novel about female friendship will make the hours fly by.

Somebody’s Daughter: A Memoir by Ashley C. Ford

Somebody's Daughter: A Memoir book cover
Source: Amazon

We all tend to turn towards memoirs when fiction becomes too mundane for us. After all, all of us need reconciliation with the actual world lest we all lose our minds in great fictional escapes.

Well, not to worry, we have just got the memoir for you. Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford is a story of Ashley’s struggles of growing up a poor Black girl, Revolving around her father and mother’s difficult relationship and its effects on Ashley’s upbringing, the memoir touches upon many great topics which makes it a relatable read for everyone.

It Had to Be You: A Novel by Georgia Clark

It Had to Be You: A Novel by Georgia Clark book cover
Source: Amazon

It Had to be You is yet another story about female friendship and solidarity. The story revolves around two characters named Liv and Savannah. The story takes off when Liv’s husband Eliot dies suddenly and leaves her to run their wedding-planning business, that’s bad enough. Until she finds out he left his half of it to his young mistress, Savannah.

At first, Liv is pissed at Savannah but slowly this contempt turns into a beautiful bond of friendship and female solidarity. So what are you waiting for? Pick up this raunchy summer read and dive right into it.

Well, that is all from our side. If you have any summer read you wish for us to include in our list, please write to us.

By Fareeha Hashmi

Content creator at PDFORIGIN, Fareeha Hashmi is a creative who looks at life through all forms of art, music, and literature. You can find her in her armchair, sipping tea and flipping pages.

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