allegiant by veronica roth

allegiant pdf download by veronica roth
allegiant pdf download by veronica roth
  1. allegiant by veronica roth
allegiant  download by veronica roth
allegiant download by veronica roth

About the book:

allegiant by veronica roth

Author:                        Veronica Roth

Publisher:                    Katherine Tegen Books;

Publish date:               First Edition edition (October 22, 2013)

ISBN-10:                      006202406X

ISBN-13:                      9780062024060

Pages:                          544

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction, Adult, dystopian romance


“I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last.”  This is one of the best line I love from the book. I have seen that this book is getting mixed reviews. I stand with my opinion no matter what majority says, but I felt this book was the absolute perfect ending to the Divergent series. Dystopian lit is not all roses and kisses.  In fact, roses and kisses are less reliable in dystopian lit.  Therefore, those who are not happy with the ending are those that like to be on the bed of roses all the time without even getting a glimpse of real and practical life struggles. This book depicts that life not only gives you happy moments but also you have to face hardships in life, And that is why I love this book; it gives the feeling of realty, like what people experience in their life on earth. This book is very close shot of real life and gives the reader the sense of real life experiences.

This book reveals Roth’s creativity to create a real-life romance, real-life heartbreak, real-life sorrow.  There is nothing perfect about Tobias and Tris love, but it seems perfect because it depicts the same emotions and feelings a person feels in real: full of irritation, hurt and miscommunication, along with sacrifice for another, love with passion, showing grace at times and forgiveness. Being teenagers, Tris and Tobias act more like adults by showing commitment to not giving up on each other, their maturity to work at a single relationship.  And that was awesome. In a world of the others fruit is sweet than yours, it was reassuring that there are still some sensible and content people out there that realize that sometimes what you have right now is just the best thing.

Is this a masterpiece? Maybe not. As far as comparing with the eloquent writers, she is not close to them, but, in terms of story-telling, realistic and conflicted characters, and glimpses of both the beauty and ugliness of life, Veronica Roth is brilliant. Overall, I think Allegiant is the real perfect ending to the Divergent trilogy. It has just as much action as in the predecessors. I feel satisfied. I finished the book with happy and sad feelings both at the same time. I would not have it any other way.

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