Alex ferguson my autobiography Review

Alex ferguson my autobiography
Alex ferguson my autobiography


About the Book:

Alex Ferguson My Autobiography

Published Date:           October 24, 2013

Author:                        Alex Ferguson

Publisher:                    Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN 10:                       0340919396

ISBN 13:                       978-0340919392



Sir Alex Ferguson one of The top managers in football history, soon after his retirement from Manchester United as Manager he published his book named as above there are plenty of things to go through but we will only discuss few extra enticing one’s so you will have to read the book this amazing biography of this great man.

Everyone was too excited to get a copy of the book especially, As Jim White write in his column for daily telegraph “several dozen football correspondents were made to line up in the rain outside the publisher’s office to get their hands on a copy. We could almost hear Ferguson’s mocking laughter as we lined up, like JK Rowling fans waiting for the latest Harry Potter”

Alex Ferguson has to choosy to pick certain things for his book had he gone for the all-important things he would have filled a library with the amount of his experience he has, yet the book covers all major incidents of his life spanning his 26 years at the Red Devils.

A section in the book covers the factors behind his resignation from Manchester United as manager and his decision to leave the club was nothing to do with the Chief Executives of that time deciding who was retiring at the end of season as well,

Alex Ferguson also explained the qualities of David Moyes that led him to the Manchester United job and he believes that he is the right person to lead Red Devils after him.

Ferguson dedicates one whole chapter for the ex-captain “Roy Keane” and the confrontation duo had once, with Alex Ferguson suggesting that Keane had a problem with his language and he proud himself for what he was, and Keane could accept the change Ferguson has to impose in Manchester United back then.

Alex Ferguson also explains how and what led him to change his management style that intimidation can no longer be used a motivational tool like it was being used by him once.

He also writes his last dressing room speech to his players and his staff in the book.

The book also has sections for his duals famous with in media from his managerial tenure like Rafa Benitz and David Bekham.


  1. you have to be brave enough to manage all those great players.
    It’s great pleasure to know about Sir Alex Ferguson…

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